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Back to the Bones
( January 2000 and on... )
All these are live acts with no real song structure  so mind the bugs and any unexcpected sounds...

155 bpm


( Octobre to Decembre 1999 )
All these are live acts with no real song structure  so mind the bugs and any unexcpected sounds...

140 bpm

The magic K2500 comes in as a great and powerful drum box /  sampler combination followed by a TeeBee MkIII bass line backed up by the same bass line going thru the Sherman filter bank band pass filters and getting wild. The additional kick sub-bass is generated by the MC202 at high reso settings and closed envelope. All the small blips heard come from the Pulse+ at high reso random settings. Where did the sample come from ? The song's name should help you out and all submission are welcome...

 Electric Trees
149 bpm

Reso bass Matrix 6R heavily flanged with a deep bass kick originating from my Glaucosaurus. The basic drum box and cricket sound comes out of the K2500 while the backup sub bass kick comes from the 202. The wacky goaw-goaw comes from the TeeBee MkIII and the high whining sound and and final lead line come from the Nord Modular.  The reso grinding originates from the Pulse+ and is quite discrete. Quite a complexe song with a blend of many different tunes and overtones. 

Plain Drops
165 bpm

The cutting intro comes out of the Matrix 1000 with de basic drum sound coming out of the K2500. The main scratching sound is nothing else than the TeeBee MkIII ring modulator heavily shaped by the Sherman filters.... The main bass kick is nothing else than my great MC202 with different decay settings (Amazing !) and the hatz are through the TTFilter for max brightness. Some kind of bass and drum experience with no idea in mind.

133 bpm

A K2500R bass heavily distorted by the new old Redson tape reverb starts it all up followed by Pulse Plus metallic clang and a Matrix 6R hypnotic pattern. A slight TeeBee bass backup has been added with a heavily flanged distorted pad that fills it all up that comes out of the MC202 passed thru the Sherman Filter. The MC202 Comes in next clean before the Sherman Filter opens and screams into the mix. The sample was taken from a french TV commercial mauled by the K2500R. Quite a noisy track but really hypnotic.

Let's Go Serious...
( Summer 1998 )
Killer TX
165 bpm

Deep Juno followed by a multilayer phased goaishh Matrix-1000 and a TeeBee saw bassline. Comes in some Pulse reso bleeps followed by TTFilter distorted self oscillating MC202. This is actually my first mix on the O1V.

175 bpm

greenstr.gif (5436 octets)

Resonating Matrix beats followed by a fat Juno PW square pad. Comes in a bassy 202 backed up by a TeeBee Ring mod tune. All two with loads of filter sweeps before ending with the Matrix tune  two octaves higher.

( Late 1997 - Early 1998 )
Projekt 420
130 bpm


The intro bird sound comes out of the Flange Pedal looped on itself to create feedback. Comes in a high lead Bassstation with filter sweeps with an acid saw originating from the TeeBee. This is actually my first mix on the Promix01 with FX and automation.

New Dawn
148 bpm


A LFO'ed 202 bass followed by a Pulse bass-lead opening it's filter and random arpeggiator. Comes in a distinctive TeeBee saw and ending by the same Pulse tune with different oscillator settings.

Sweet Distortion
160 bpm


A introducing Juno-60 LFO'ed throbby bassline followed by an heavliy distorted TeeBee filtered through my TTFilter Rack. Hard and efficient....

Rain from Heaven
160 bpm


A trancy line introducing a pad-like Juno followed by a sweet and hypnotizing pad made out of a Matrix-1000. Rain drops come out of a high reso Pulse with random LFO on cutoff. Plain Calm....

First Experiences
( Summer 1997 )
Lunar Camel
140 bpm


On of my first songs, trancy and minimalistic with the main lead on Bassstation at high reso and the backup tune on the Pulse.

164 bpm


More hard trance with the only tune played with the Pulse powerful bass spiced up with the built in arpeggiator.

No Filter Please...
150 bpm

Good old Pulse bass with a whining MC-202 and a healthy TeeBee ring- modulator giving acidic grungy touch.

Acid Thudd Gun
150 bpm


Filckering flanged high-reso Pulse followed by a bubbling TeeBee which evolves in hard acid. The great unpredictable grungy bass comes out of the 202 with hard gate and no reso.