Syntecno TeeBee Mk III

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Type:            Analog Monosynth + MIDI and CV Interface
Design:         Holland
Year:            1997
Price:            about 550 USD/EUR, (new/1997)

User Interface: Good
Editing Features: Fair
Sound Quality: Excellent
Price / Performance: Good



Da Acid sound...

I actually found at this unit while I was searching the web for 202 schematics as I was skimming in search of old analog synths such as the TB-303 and its relatives. A name came out periodically: Syntecno TeeBee named by almost every TB fan on the web as the best modern TB-303 clone with MIDI full support and loads of goodies. I tried to find a distributor in France but none seemed to exist so I urged a resaler I knew to get on of them exclusively for me. He got the unit and found it so intresting that he became an importing them officially.

Anyhow, I have been VERY pleased with this unit much more versatile than the few knobs could suggest. This is no plain 303 copy, it's a whole new synth with great features and an authentic analog sound that shakes out terrific acid lines as well as deep basses and grungy MS-20 like ring modulator. Output is VERY hot and the few settings suffice to obtain a wide range of sound with different textures. VCF accent are simulated via MIDI velocity values over 100 while On/Off slides can be inserted via a MIDI controller to give authentic TB sounding tracks.

EPROM version 4.1 is a must as it includes auto-glide on overlapping notes and fixes a CV output bug. Just mail Robbie 303 at Syntecno's site to get a free update or more info. The price seems to be a bit high for only a mono synth but don't forget that this includes a complete 4 voice MIDI to CV interface as well as a very useful MIDI merge that spares endless cable switching. All in all this unit is a real success as it seem entirely designed by, and for, musicians equally for Studio or Live performance. A killer sound for those nostalgics of the "old things" but with today's refinements and reliability.





Module Controls Comments
Analog Synth voice SOURCE selector: Saw, Square, Ring-mod, External input.

VCO: Ringmod detune, Tuning

VCF: Cutoff, Resonance, Sharpness

ENV:Env Modulation, Decay

Source selector allows external input to blend with internal source if not on the External position.
Tuning, Cutoff, Reso, Env Mod and Decay are MIDI implemented and outputs in real time on MIDI Out.
Sharpness is accessed with a screwdriver and sets the filter peaking to give a more mellow or harsher sound...
MIDI setup MIDI In / Out / Thru
2 MIDI Merge
Midi responds quite well and the merge is a great plus that doesn't degrade the bandwidth too much.
CV Interface 4 Pitch CV and 4 Gate CV
DIN 24 Sync
Pitch CV is 0-5V, can be inverted, either scaled as V/Oct or V/Hz and Gate n4 goes up to 10V (Moogs).
Each CV/Gate pair can get an individual MIDI Channel.
Alternatively the 4 CV Outs can be used as MIDI Continuous Controllers.
DIN 24 sync is great to get a 808 hooked in or to drive the 202 internal sequence.



Related Gear

Syntecno TeeBee Mk I

teebee1.gif (6595 octets)

First batch of TeeBee release in 1995. Basically the same unit as the Mk III but with no ring modulator and no MIDI Merge.

Syntecno TeeBee Mk II

teebee2.gif (10653 octets)

Second batch units released in 1996 with an added MS20 ring modulator over the initial Mk I but still no MIDI merge. These two units can be upgrade to the MkIII latest Eprom version (V4.1) at no cost and loads of improvements to upgrade the sound quality can be found at Syntecno's site.

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