Behringer MX802A

Type:            8 Track Analog Mixing Console
Design:         Germany
Year:            1998
Price:           About 175 USD/EUR (new/1999)

User Interface:
Editing Features:
Sound Quality:
Price / Performance:



Loads of features for a tiny price.... It's paradise !

When I decided I would go on gigging live just experiment my set I needed a real tidy sound systeme that would fit in a case. All sounds would be played out of the A3000 sampler I have just got  hands on and I needed badly a small compact mixer withloads of inputs to get the sampler's 1O outputs to the speakers. Mackie Was way to expoensive for what I had in mind and lacked features. I got an eye on this Behringer and Geee It seemed paradise at first glance !

This piece of gear is quite amazing. Why so ? Well just for one thing: the bunch of features packed on such a small surface for an incredibily low price tag. For real here you get what you paid for: firm pots, aux's and eq's, XLR mic preamps with 48V support? Gain trimmers, peak indicators, Aux returns, To tape and control room pots with an Oversized power supply. There is no such manufacturor out there able to produce



And what does it sound like ?

Ok let's be straight on this one: It looks like a small Mackie, it feels like a Mackie, it smells like a Mackie, it has much more features than a Mackie..... but it DOESN'T really sound like a Mackie....And that's the main point.

Some will say it sounds like a piece of crap, I would say it suprisingly sounds quite well, just a little more muddier than a Mackie with less dynamics but still very useable on a buget project or for a EFX premix.

The real bad point on my unit was the noise floor; a distinct hiss was there, always, and when you cfranked up the Mic gain trimmers just to get some cool distort you where bogged down to manage HISSSSSSSSSSS. Well what would you expect for the price ? Paradise isn't for today's musician. But really this really rocks as a small backup mixer. Don't use it for a recording mixer but maybe with a bunch of noisegates to clean it all.....  

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