Friends and curiosities:
Masskik Free Music A good friend called Bintree going crazy with Flash and with loads of Wav and MP3 files from a bunch of close friends including Manuel, Triphase, Matteo. Mainly Hardcore and Jungle and noisy but really beats the waves and fries your brain out....
Musique de l'Inutile ( French ) Actually, this is my boss's private homepage with excerpts of his own ambient musique tracks from the 80's and a bunch of weird links to VERY unusual places. He actually got back into music and onto the web after I've brainwashed him with my techno tracks. In fact, what he did back it the 80's is sometimes even weirder that what I've done nowadays.... Check the links and your back years ago... or away....
Techno Plus ( French / English ) A French raver's association which are heavily engaged in drugs abuse prevention. No talk show here, just plain facts and loads of technical and legal information on drug abuse and rave parties that can help anybody out there engaged in techno. Don't follow anything or anyone you can hear out there ! THINK BY YOURSELF and make your own opinion !

Technical and infos sites:
Dancetech DanceTech is back  !!! After 1 full year stop the New dancetech is cooler and is rapidily growing to a full range automated system ! Maybe the best Dance site on the web with incredibly detailed synth reviews and always up to date incoming almost on a daily basis. A great site and a real reference for all Techno and dance lovers with tips and chat rooms on almost any music based thing...
Synthzone A reference site to dig up anything on the web concerning a specific synth model including software editors and dedicated sites. They actually link a lot and have an exaustive list of up to date site on line. A good starting poitn to get info on some gear.
Harmony -Central A honorable official site that claims to be a information forum on musical facts around the world. This site is indeed very useful to get latest news from official companies and includes detailed reviews of every musical show throughout our planet. Not very technical but a good overview of what is coming on...
Music Machines A state of the art site that inventories any synth model that appeared in history with photos, samples and complete reviews. Very well laden with vintage and bizarre instruments but not always up to date when it comes to new synths. Anyway, a real gold mine for analog and vintage lovers.
Sonic State Another good site that reviews synths by categories and manufacturers. Always good to have other people's advice before buying anything new.

Synth and hardware manufacturers:

Master-Wave Music Store Paris The greatest vintage music store in Paris selling rare old goodies. You can swap back new gear and and have almost anything customized to enter the MIDI age including Kenton kits and much more exotic things... Really professionally runned with all their machines in stock at disposale on their site and continuously upgraded.
Paia Electronics For all of you who want to go in musical electronics and design your own synth's, this is the best place on earth with comprehensive schematics and sound designs. The kits are really easy to get up working and help alot to understand what's happening in analog circuits, synth's and FX. John Simonton who runs the site, is really helpfull when everything gets wrong while shipping and packagibng is really neat and professional.
Waldorf Gmbh Waldorf site is very informative on their range of products with complete technical specs, data sheets and images. Their FTP site is even better with sounds, patches, manual addendas and synth EPROM updates online. Really professionally runned.
Novation UK Company site of Novation based in England with spec's and info. Just keep an eye on these folks. I'm sure they'll manage to have their name one day in the synth temple...
Yamaha Co. Yamaha's Japanese company site is the best informed of the latest releases of the giant's product range. Complete datasheets per product are very informative if you want to check out spec's and product info. US, UK and other Yamah's sites are more fuzzy and basicly duplicates the info you find in this one.
Syntecno Home site of the TeeBee synth with full specs and info. The guys running this site are really professionnal always ready to give you hints and info to get the best out of your TeeBee.
Kenton Electronics A highly regarded company for it's MIDI retrofits and CV/Sync boxes. They also have a wide range of vintage synth modifications which will please any user. A real paradise for analog vintage instrument users even if their products are quite expensive.
Oberheim / Gibson Defunct Oberheim has been absorbed by Gibson. This dull site is the only official one of Tom Oberheim's synth's that are still in production. May them rest in peace.....
Roland / Boss Co. This site is Roland's best one among the other official sites that exist, but don't think of finding extrodinary info or vintage gear. These are exclusively commercial sites which are useful if you want to have the exhaustive list of what there are marketing nowdays. The Boss section seems more informative with the complete range of FX pedals listed.
Peavey Inc. The manufacturer of the only professionnal hardware MIDI Controller available on the market. Let your mouse go and get 16 faders to play with !!!
Clavia This Swedish company is the leader in Analog Modelling Synth via it's Nord Lead series synth and it's New Nord Modular. This unit is really revolutionnary to experiment new sounds with great quality. This should fit great in my gear.... Time will tell....

Software, editors and curiosity sharewares.
D-Lusion The home-page of a bunch of german students which have created THE ULTIMATE ACID Software synth: Rubberduck RD-H3O+. This synth outpaces Rebirth by far, being much more versatile, entirely MIDI controllable, and with a acidic sounds that bubbles and screams out on it's own. Great loads of fun (and headaches...) ahead.
Zap's Home-Page Sample lovers will really love this site if your tired of sampling 909 kicks... Zap has developed a Drum Sound Synthetizer called STOMPER that really shakes your pants off. You can actually design your own drum oscillator (or clap, or High hat, or TB, well anything analog) and write it to a Wav. The only thing you need after that is to download it in your sampler and it's Musicware !!! Just go on it's site to see what it means.
Maz Sound Homepage The Ultimate ressource for Softsynths on the Net. Always up to date softwares with loads of tips and tricks related to synth and computers. The best collection of free/shareware sonic tools of the moment. Check it out.