Cakewalk Studioware Panels

Panel I have created to control in Cakewalk v6.0/7.0 some of my synths. These may be very useful for people without any Hardware MIDI Controller or to have patches ready to load at one glimpse. Others will follow as soon as I have time to finish and test them in depth..

Novation BassStation Rack v1.0

3 Kb

Sums up the BassSation Rack controls with view gauges for clarification.

Novation Drum Station

10 Kb

Gives extensive controls on all 909 and 808 controls. Drumstation Owners don't forget that not all param's can be accesse via MIDI. You can apply distortion and front cut to ANY Instrument via rack front controls, got it ....
Waldorf Pulse v0.7 BETA   I started these panels once upon a time but I really never got time to finish them off and I've already sold back the associated gear. So I've decided to post them here for people who would like having them as a well advanced starting point and hope they get them finished. If someone does thanks for mailing in just to get informed and Good luck !
Oberheim Matrix 1000 v0.8 BETA  
Kurzweil K2500 EFX v0.2 BETA  

Electronic datasheets and schematics

Schematics for the ones who want to go into the real stuff...

Full MC-202 Schematics

405 Kb

Analog and Digital 202 schematics very useful to have an overlook at the mods you can do on it. Just mail me if you want to get the modification procedure to add the upgrade I've done on mine.

Samples and Wav sounds

All samples are zipped wave files recorded at 16Bit / 44.1Khz linear PCM format.
They have been directly recorded in the O1V and digitally transfered to the hard drive with no effects nore post processing beside a Normalization in Sound Forge.

I got to work hard on this to give you the best of what I have. Stay tuned for more...

687 Kb

The 16 crappy drums sounds of the CR-1000 have been sampled before I sold it back. Remember these are the same sounds as it's more popular alter-ego the Roland's TR-505 programmable drumbox..

842 Kb

36 samples taken from my home made TTDrums analog drum machine. These give a few snapshots of the 7 internal sound sources with different Pitch/Decay settings including some unstable ones... There are much more "in between" settings and some wild "unmusical" variations when all the thing goes unstable, but them it's far far away from a drumbox....