Current Studio Setup

Listing is by category and by chronological date of entry in my studio.

All machines have individual ratings ranked by alien ratings:

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Poor AlienPoor, Deficient, Could be much better
Fair AlienFair, Average, Good Enough
Good AlienReal Good, Fine, Serious
Excellent AlienExtraordinary, Brilliant, High End

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Synth's and Beatbox's

Roland MC-202 A great vintage plastic mono-synth very underrated.
Syntecno TeeBee MkIII A great ACID analog module with full MIDI and CV interface support.
Creamware Scope SP Actually my whole studio on a PC card.....

Mixing, Mics & FX

VBSystems TTFilter Rack A quad 12db/Oct resonant filter bank with distortion.
Behringer UltraPatch Pro (x3) A cheap and fully featured patch to group up your bunch of cables...
Sherman Filterbank An awesome modular analog filter that screams for real...
Genelec 1030A monitors The one and only compact active monitors reference.
Oakley Sound Systems VCF-1 A home made Sherman-like analogue filter bank.
Redson EC25 Tape Reverb Unit A vintage tape based reverb unit with a real dirty grungy sound and some kind of faint reverb built in......
Apex 420 Recording Static Mic Cheap and fully featured for quite a clean sounding mic.
AKG D330BT Dynamic Mic Just found this one for 5 EUR/USD over at a junk market. Works like heaven after soldering it's contacts back.....
Behringer DDX3216 Digital Mixer The best synthesis of all digital mixing technology. A marvelous piece of gear for a astonishing price: unbelievable !!!
Creamware Scope SP Actually my whole studio on a PC card.....

Midi Control, Sequencing & Recording

Sansui D-X211HX-R Recorder A basic mini cassette recorder but with quite a good recording head and fully featured for it's price range
Peavey PC-1600 The hardware MIDI solutions for all of you stuffed with having only 1 mouse.
Aiwa AM-F80 MD Recorder Just a plain MD recorder that does it's job for a cool price.
VBSystems CV/Gater A neat 1U racked unit to control old gear based on the Paia MIDI2CV8 controller and packaged by.... myself.....
Studiologic SL-880 Keyboard The best overall 88 note piano touched master keyboard to control the other beasts....
Doepfer Pocket Dial 16 alpha dial encoders to control all you virtual synths.
AMD Athlon XP2100+ Computer My long-lasting workstation.

Hardware Projects
Home made projects currently under developpment

VBSystems Glaucosaurus A home-made analog mono-synth based on Paia's Fatman ( project still under developpment ).
Oakley Sound Twin TB3030 A twin hardware clone of TB303 midi'ed in a 2U rack with lots of goodies. ( project still under developpment )
VBSystems CompFlanger FX A home-made dual analog FX rack combined from the former two Boss FX pedals teared to pieces.
Creamware Scope DP And my plugin devloppment workshop too !