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09/02/2003 Some gear update in the current studio line up. The Scope SP/DP has come in !
01/11/2002 Now back up to work with online pictures of The VBSystems Studio and a completely reworked Trackz and Tunez section now encoded with Ogg Vorbis free codec.
08/03/2002 New reviews are coming in: Behringer MX802 Mini Mixer
The Computer Section is now open: just to get a glance at the PC evolution since 1991......
06/01/2002 Each review page has now a link to the manufacturer's home page when possible.
01/01/2002 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL ! and welcome to Plastikalien's new Website.

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Version v2.1 takes the same scheme of v2.0 but with improved layout and contents.